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If you think about the handful of apps you open every single day, is Instagram in your top five? We’re betting so. There are more than 113 million Instagram users in the U.S., and In 2019, users spent an average of around half an hour daily on Instagram.

The team building Instagram behind the scenes is still relatively small, and we’re thrilled to give Megaphone Summit attendees the opportunity to hear directly from an individual who works on the product daily. Speaking of...have you heard about our Instagram Masterclass? It’s a separate ticketed event offering attendees a more intimate, hands-on learning opportunity.

Matt Holman is currently a Product Designer at Instagram, and he is passionate about inspiring people to use the platform more effectively. He is currently working on creating new experiences in Instagram Stories and IGTV to help more people connect with the things they love. He works within Instagram Interests, an area of the company that covers all aspects of how users view, consume and interact with content - including designing for both the end user and the advertiser experience.

Prior to his work at Instagram, Matt was a Product Designer at Ampersand, a social reading app backed by Andreessen Horowitz. The company was acquired by Facebook, which led Matt to join the Instagram team. While he is a design aficionado by trade, he is also a believer in the power of data. He was the first designer at Numerify, a Business Analytics company that strives to empower all employees in an Enterprise to harness the power of data.

Matt currently resides in the Bay Area California, but… plot twist! He's a native Arkansan. Join Matt and our other recently announced speakers to learn more about standing out with stories and inspiring action through Instagram.

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