Lift your megaphones!

Call For Speakers/Call For Ideas

We are thrilled to be finalizing plans for #Megaphone19 in six short months, and we have an incredible lineup of top notch speakers in the works for this year!

However, one of the things that has always made Megaphone Summit unique is our passion for tapping into the incredible talent within our community.

So, dust off your megaphone and step onto your soapbox - we want to hear from you!

Call for Ideas

  • Know an incredible speaker?

  • Crushing on a big name in the bloggy world?

  • Got a non-Google-able skill set you’re dying to learn?

Tell us all about it! We want to know all the things you want to learn and all the people you want to learn from in the blogging, vlogging, podcasting and social media space. Give us your wish list, and we will happily reach out to convince them to visit us in Bentonville this year.

Call for Speakers

  • Do you have a proven track record for blowing audiences away?

  • Are you masterful at the microphone or a powerhouse at the pedestal?

  • Got a unique skill set or proven tactic for social excellence?

We want to hear your pitch! We are looking for experienced speakers and session leaders who can bring something distinct to #Megaphone19. It isn’t your average conference, and we want to bring the best of the best to the stage. So think in terms of the conference mantra: high energy, high impact. Bring your A game and examples of your past sessions, speaking engagements or teaching talent. As mentioned in the call for ideas, we are looking for non-Google-able session topics… meaning workshops that will skip the basics and help our attendees polish their skills and take them to the next level. (Newbie? Don’t worry! We’ll have friendly, approachable 101-style workshops, mentors and opportunities for those who want to break into speaking or blogging).

Share your ideas, speaker suggestions & pitches with us by Friday, March 15 via the following form:

See you in Bentonville!

Skylar Pannell2 Comments