Instagram Masterclass: What you need to know


Thinking about stepping up your Instagame? You are in for a TREAT. 

Our Masterclass is a separate, ticketed event add-on to Megaphone Summit taking place on Sunday afternoon… and space is limited to 40 participants (currently, 8 tickets remain).


Our masterclass will be led by Quinn Tempest  who is an incredible, dynamic and colorful presenter. She speaks regularly at the Digital Summit Series across the U.S. (where she is consistently ranked one of the top presenters). Quinn is a digital strategist, designer and branding expert based in Phoenix with years of agency, corporate and nonprofit experience in inbound marketing, content marketing and the art and strategy of digital marketing. She has spoken at more than 40 large scale conferences nationwide (including co-presenting with Home Depot) and has keen insight into what it takes to create an online presence that drives results.

Joining Quinn will be our friend from Instagram HQ, Matt Holman. Matt is currently a Product Designer at Instagram, and he is passionate about inspiring people to use the platform more effectively. He is currently working on creating new experiences in Instagram Stories and IGTV to help more people connect with the things they love. He works within Instagram Interests, an area of the company that covers all aspects of how users view, consume and interact with content - including designing for both the end user and the advertiser experience.


Our 3 hour Instagram Masterclass will explore the art and strategy of an effective Instagram account. 

With 1 billion active users per month, Instagram is a social media juggernaut! But, the platform isn’t just about pretty pictures and hashtags; Instagram is a viable and potent promotional channel for brands, bloggers, and influencers to grow authentic relationships with their audience. In this interactive masterclass, Quinn will cover the most important elements of building an effective Instagram account, including:

  • Content Strategy: Develop a content strategy that actually resonates with your tribe and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Visual Strategy: Learn how to create a killer look and feel that your audience instantly recognizes on their feed and Stories.

  • The Algorithm: How it works, how it doesn’t (myths are everywhere!), and how to reverse- engineer it for success.

  • Stories & IGTV: Master the art of vertical storytelling and open up more opportunities to build relationships with your audience.

  • Planning Tricks: Learn a step-by-step process to plan your Instagram strategically with a 3rd party tool.

  • Holistic Strategy: Build content strategies to bridge your audience off the Gram and into your email don’t own your followers after all! 

This workshop will sell out, in all likelihood by early May. If you want to participate, grab your ticket quickly

Skylar Pannell