The Apple of Our Eye

sanaia applesauce -  Keisha cutting apples - Elevation photoshoot.jpg

You are in for a treat - for both your brain and your taste buds - when Keisha Smith-Jeremie takes the stage at Megaphone Summit.

This rockstar founder has not one but TWO C-suite titles: by day, she serves as Chief People Officer for Tory Burch… and she also serves as CEO for the innovative, sophisticated “adult applesauce” brand she founded and launched.

Sanaia Applesauce was inspired by Keisha’s childhood in the Bahamas and her deep love for applesauce. She combined exotic flavors inspired by her Caribbean upbringing - such as ginger, guava and hibiscus - with a re-imagined take on applesauce: hearty chunks of real apples, sophisticated branding and packaging and no pouches to be seen.

Her appearance on Season 10 of Shark Tank catapulted Keisha and her idea forward. This summer, her product hits the shelves at many Walmart stores across the U.S.

Keisha is barely getting started and has big, inspiring, creative plans for a food landscape powered by plants and good-for-you treats. From fashion to food to her background in human resources for the magazine industry, this is one inspiring entrepreneur you won’t want to miss. She has more hustle and heart in her pinkie than most humans.

Speaking of heart, Keisha’s session is sponsored by the American Heart Association. Their mission to build healthier lives and their focus on women’s heart health aligns perfectly with Keisha’s passion. The AHA offers inspiring tips on eating more color and getting to know apples, and you can be sure they’ll help you learn how to take great care of you so that you can be #highenergyhighimpact.

We’ll see you at this dynamic “Arm Candy & Applesauce” session during Megaphone Summit!

Skylar Pannell