Are You A Newbie?

Newbie Blog Session

This is your place!

Lyndi - Stephanie

We recently held a Q&A with Lyndi Fultz and Stephanie Buckley to get their perspective on what makes Megaphone Summit so uniquely friendly, approachable and helpful for first-timers, newbies to the world of blogging and social media or anyone who needs an assist!

What can I expect at the Newbie Session?

A smaller, casual, non-intimidating session to answer all your questions. It will be facilitated by Soapbox team members, veteran influencers, our community founder and other friendly faces eager to help you.

Who is the perfect attendee for the Newbie Session?

SB: Anyone who is new to our community, new to Soapbox or new to Megaphone Summit/conferences in general! It’s also ideal for anyone who is apprehensive because they don’t know other people or those who simply want to kick off the conference with a tribe of their own.

LF: people who want to make the most of the conference! I think every conference should have this!

I went to a conference in NYC that sounded wonderful, and it was! I invested in myself, and it was only a one day conference. But I was so intimidated! I was the only person who wasn’t from New York. I expected it to be lots of foodies, but I also didn’t know where to start and how to navigate the event. I would have loved something like this that would help me make connections. And I would have loved to have someone guide me along the way and make introductions. That would have helped a lot.

SB: From my point of view, when I went to Blissdom, I was with a few people I knew... but I wanted to step out and meet new people. I didn’t want to stay in my clique or the confines of people I already knew. This will help people make some new friends and network.

What about people who are new to blogging or being an influencer?

LF: First, kudos on taking that first step! We’re a little biased, but we think this is the perfect first-timer conference. This is a way to get to know the Soapbox team and the people who hire for our campaigns, and it’s a way to eliminate the learning curve - these people are here to help you!

SB: This event - and the Newbie Session - are for someone who wants to invest in their dream and needs a little kick in the pants, some help, someone to answer all their questions. We’re the launching pad for all the fabulous things you are going to do!

Who else will I meet at the Newbie Session?

LF: With Keisha, you’re getting someone who doesn’t work for Soapbox and can give you fresh perspective. She’s attended before and can give really insight into what to expect at the conference from a fellow attendee… someone just like you!

SB: Yes! Keisha is perfectly willing to share the mistakes she made over the years, how she has adjusted, rebranded etc. She has a lot of wisdom and experience… she’s willing to share the good, bad and ugly. It’s invaluable to have access to people like that. These aren’t just people you’ll seen in the Newbie Session… they’ll respond to your future emails too! We’ll all be connectors for you and help you along the way.

LF: And with Dan, it’s like having access to a really incredible tech person right in your back pocket! He does all of this for a living and he’s really active in our community groups. Dan is someone to bounce ideas off of and hear tips from firsthand. Plus, his wife Mel is a beloved and respected member of our community with her own blogs, so he literally gets it because he lives this world day in and day out.

All the details:

When: Friday, August 9 from 4:00p - 5:30p (right before the main conference kickoff party)

Where: 21C Museum Hotel in Gallery Three

Why: to help you learn the ropes, meet a few experts, make some new friends and get pointers on making Megaphone Summit a fun and worthwhile experience!


4:00 p.m. Welcome & Facilitator Introductions (Lyndi, Stephanie, Dan, Keisha)

4:10 p.m. Who is Soapbox & what is the Megaphone Community? (Lyndi, Stephanie)

4:20 p.m. Getting to know YOU! (Stephanie)

4:40 p.m. Expert Panel (Lyndi, Stephanie, Dan, Keisha, Sierra, Raka’)

5:00 p.m. Break into small groups/round table sessions

5:30 p.m. Wrap up & head to the launch party with new friends!

Expert Topics:

  • New to Megaphone Community?

    • Stephanie Buckley, Tribe Builder & Community Founder, Soapbox Influence

  • New to Soapbox/being an influencer?

    • Lyndi Fultz, Community Coach, Soapbox Influence

  • New to blogging & site-building?

    • Dan Lockuff, Owner: StrataByte (& Wordpress Expert)

  • New to Megaphone Summit?

    • Keisha Pittman-McKinney, McKinney Media Solutions (& BigPittStop blog)

Bethany Stephens