Mark Your Calendar


Mark your calendar for August 9-11 and join us at Megaphone Summit 2019!

Entering its 9th year, the conference will gather influencers in every niche: lifestyle, parenting, food, fashion, travel, decor, health, fitness and beyond.

Whether you’re a power pinner, an aspiring blogger, a passionate photographer or a content creator, the Megaphone Summit conference is here to help take your skills to the next level and build your personal brand.

Moving from beautiful Fayetteville to adorable downtown Bentonville, this conference is a little unique - it’s an “unconventional convention!” We’ll hold sessions around downtown Bentonville (rather than stuffy ballrooms) at venues including 21C, The Record and Crystal Bridges Museum, creating an experience like no other.

Bottom line? Megaphone Summit serves as an opportunity to gather, grow and connect talented content creators to provide education, skill development, resources, camaraderie and brand partnerships. When you attend you can expect a high energy, high impact experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this.

Skylar Pannell