When print and digital collide.

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Originally launched as a blog, locally-focused website and city guide, The Scout Guide is now a national publication franchise representing more than 60 cities, 80 editors and 3,000 small business owners.

Each city guide is a distinct, inspiring publication with stunning photography and original editorial content. The Scout Guide proves there is a place in today’s digital world for print, and that a beautifully-curated guide to living and loving all things local can thrive and inspire.

Susie and Christy - based in Charlottesville, Virginia where the first Scout Guide launched - believe in being curious, seeking inspiration and taking risks.

Their distinct views on life, content, influencers and entrepreneurship will be woven into A Conversation Among Women Entrepreneurs facilitated by Soapbox President Beth Stephens and NWA Scout Guide Publisher Rebekah Lawrence.

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Skylar Pannell