August 9-11, 2019

high energy. high impact.

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Why Megaphone Summit?

An annual conference for bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and social media rockstars presented by Soapbox Influence.

Entering its 9th year, the event will gather 150 - 250 influencers from every niche: lifestyle, parenting, food, fashion, travel, decor, health, fitness and beyond.

Attendees are members of the Megaphone Community, a consortium of 4,000+ influencers across the U.S. who work with Soapbox Influence on client campaigns.

The event serves as an opportunity to gather, grow and connect talented content creators to provide education, skill development, resources, camaraderie and brand partnerships.

 Join Us

  • Meet and mingle

  • Promote your brand

  • Tell your story

  • Tap into social trends

  • Gather, grow and connect

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Bentonville, AR

wish you were here.